Anna Vobis

Anna Vobis is a junior project manager at Limest.

  • She has been working regularly for Limest since 2011: conducting interviews, moderating blogs and forums, and analyzing the results.
  • She enriches the Limest team with her pragmatic and at the same time curious view, her honest and open language, her passionate activity on social networks and global networking through modern communication media of Generation Y.
  • Anna Vobis grew up bilingual and speaks fluent English.

As for all "Ysiloners", national borders are a thing of the past for her: as a German-French citizen and after several years of living abroad in France, New Zealand and Australia, she is characterized by internationality and globalization.

Her work at Limest sparked her interest in marketing, market research and the development of the current society and economy, which is why she decided to do her bachelor's degree in the interdisciplinary field of "politics and economics" at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

In her free time, she spends as much time as possible exploring across Europe. Her persistent, determined nature is clearly visible in her sporting hobbies, climbing, slacklining, canyoning.